Rudi Hulshof Photography

+ Lions

Lion Pride
Big Brother
The King
Fire Death Stare
Helping Hand
The Stalk
Night Stare
Into The Light
Windswept Lion
Last Light Lion
This Is Africa
At Days End
As Night Falls
The Stretch
Wild White Lion
Blue Sky Lion
In Thought
Afternoon Delight
Morning Lioness
Staking Lioness
Perched Lion Cub
Hear me Shout
Lazy Lion
Lion Cubs at Play
Face to Face
Look Up Lioness
Brotherly Love
Lion Kill
My Red Ribs
Little Lion
Crouching Lion
Watch Out
Mirror Mirror
Upside Down Lion Cub
King of his Castle
Lion Thirst
Grumpy Greeting
Up There
The Lion Yawn
Cute Cub
Morning Lion Male
Sleepy Lion Cub
Relaxing Lion Cub
You Next!
Ghostly Lion
As Cute as they Come
Sleepy Head
Spirit Lion
Night Lion
Feasting Lion
Lion Twins
Peering Lioness
Gold Plated Lion
Lion Cuddle Cub
Blood Drops
Reflection Illumination
The Lioness
Lions Teeth
Lioness Drinking at Sunset
Feeding Lioness
Lion Cub at Sunset
Lion's Eye
The Fangs
Walk with Me
The Lion
Lion in Sepia
Thirsty Lion Cub
Lion Walk
Golden Warrior
Evening Lion Yawn
Lion Sunset Siesta
Lazy Bones Lion
Fields of Green
Golden Mornings
Morning Sip
Meat Eater
The Shadows
The Pose in Light
Stay Safe
Vulture descending
Just tooooo Cute
Rulers of their Kingdom
Shadow Killer
Just Too Cute
The Ghost
Moving Male Lion
My Good Side
The King
Laughing Lion
The vulture
Gnashers Gnawing
Lion Eyes
Spying Lion
Bokeh Beauty
Razor Sharp
The Ruler
I Hate a Fly
Young Lion
Fun in the Sun
Posing Princess
Sunrise Suprise
Vulture Spotting
Lion King
Beauty Personified
Death Stare
Just Relax
All Mine
Stay where you are!
Crouching tig.....Lion
Morning Lioness
Lioness Portrait
Sunrise Lion cubs
Sunset Lion
Head Rub
Safe and Snoozing
Sensational Sunset
Lazy Lion
Cuddle Cat
Watching You
Two Too Cute
Backlit Lion
Male Lion Stare
Lion Cub Stare
Lions Rock
Lazy Lion Cub
Sunset Staredown
Lion Sub-adult
King of Kings
Scanning for a Snack
Lap it up!
At Peace
Sandy Lion Cub
Rest on the Rocks
3 Lions - Protection
Hide and Seek Cubs
Eye Contact
Shadow Selati Stare
The President
Copper Courage
Sunset Stare
Cub Claws
Immortal Mr. T
Mom and Me
Paws Pause Pose
Leopards Perch
Lion Cubs
Sand River Lioness
Time to Move!!!!!
Fang-tastically Gnarly
Watching You
Dark Death
Steaming Autumn Departure
Scarlet Death Stare
One Eye Lioness
Chew Toy Lioness
Mapogo Lion Profile
Lion Cub Lookout
Say What?
Rock Pool
Morning Dew
Ugly?? Really?
Bearded Lady
Battle Scars
Royal Red
Get Away while you can
Comfy Lion Cub
Leopard Spotting
Young Yawn
Shy Cub
Lion in Gold
The Eyes
Wrinkled Nose
Buffalo Feast
Lion Sunset Staredown
Special Hidden Treasures
Hiding Death
My Holiday House
Knock Knock
BIG Head
Head Up
The Stalk
Lion Discipline
Feline Expressions
Talons Out
Focused Lioness
Back-lit Male Lion
White Lion ( almost )
Lion in Red
How Close can I get
Lazy Lion Cub
Mom and me making a noise!!!
Lion Family Tenderness
Lion Cub Lookout
Lion Spotting?
Comfortable Lioness
Lion, seeing Double
Thirsty Lion
Lion Brothers
Charging Lion
Lion Sunrise
Thoughtful Lioness
Lion Cubs Stare Down
Lion on her Back
The Thinker
In the Shadows
The Dark King
Lion Cub Cluster
Lion Dad
Little Lion
Lion Lovin
The Gaze
Peeping Lion Cub
Milk Mom! Now!
Cub up Close
Thirsty Pride
Lion Awakes